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Written By: Rachel Goldman

In the opening of her hit show Flex and Shanice, Shanice proudly sits next to her husband as they boldly declare “we are not giving up on each other, or our dreams”.  Years since the premiere, Shanice is miles ahead of her original statement, enjoying the success of her hit reality series and working with groundbreaking producers to create new music. Equipped with a shirt saying “I’m proud of you”, and an effervescent smile, Shanice sits down to talk with Lavish Life Magazine, about her career trajectory, her musicality, and the art of making her dreams come true.


Shanice’s dreams first crystalized on a Greyhound bus. At 8 years old, Shanice departed from her home in Pittsburgh to California to help start their musical careers. “We got on a Greyhound bus and rode to California. When we were in California, I told my mom and aunt ‘I want to sing too”. What started as an earnest request soon turned into scatting with the late legend Ella Fitzgerald on a KFC commercial. “I didn’t know she was a legend”, Shanice admits. What immediately became evident, however, was that Shanice was a rising star. “She [Ella Fitzgerald] was shocked. when she was scatting, and I scat back to her, her eyes got big”. From there Shanice blossomed into a bonafide songstress. Shanice smiles fondly as she recounts her major early milestones. Performing in the musical Get Happy, winning Star Search at 11 years old. Getting signed soon after and released her debut album Inner Child at 14. 

In her artistry, Shanice is at once daring and consistent. Her debut hit, “I Love Your Smile” has proven to be a signature trademark of her artistry. With whimsical whistling notes in the background, Shanice sweetly sings about how she “can be a better girl with love [her interest] gives”. In the bridge, Shanice lets out a genuine, heartfelt laugh as a saxophone plays in the background. It is this combination of vulnerability, playfulness, and total sincerity that has Shanice a household name.  

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