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As an established icon in the music industry, Shanice remains unafraid to trailblaze and innovate. In her song “When I Close My Eyes” Shanice experiments with stacking her vocals at the forefront of a technological revolution with recording technology. Shanice’s simple message and complex rendering proved successful as the song is the former record holder making the biggest jump on the Billboard Hot 100 from 91 to 16. 


Shanice has maintained her daring spirit in and out of the recording studio. In 1997, Shanice became the first African American performer to star as Éponine in Les Misérables. In her groundbreaking theatrical performance of the tragic heroine, Shanice learned how to push the envelope with her singing style, and work through difficult performances.”If you can do theater you can do anything”, she reflects.


True to her words, Shanice is doing anything she sets her mind to. In the past few years, Shanice has proudly added launching a vegan lipstick line and having a successful reality show to her extensive list of accomplishments. Now Shanice is plugged into the current music scene as she continues to develop and experiment with new songs and sounds. With a team of exciting producers, Shanice is getting ready to share her new art with the world. Shanice has other new developments. As Shanice talks about everything she has in store for her fans, she brightly smiles. And man oh man, do we love her smile. 


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