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On April 27th, 1982, in Harlem, NY Cheryl Marchman received a blessing from God. Like all mothers would say, the birth of your first child is your greatest joy.

 She didn’t know at the time, her son would be her one and only child. She couldn’t imagine her son would take on a messiah persona, and be the TRUTH to so many. In birth and life, this King would live to be a profound leader, a trendsetter, a prolific culture initiator. DeVon Hyman was a true treasure.


 There has been a sense of misunderstanding, disbelief, uncertainty, and even a test of faith and trust in our belief systems due to his recent passing. He was known and loved by so many, stretching from the East and West coasts of this country. He curved his way into the underground hip hop industry, creating his path while paying homage to those that put trust and faith in his innate talent and innovative abilities. He's worked with artist and media outlets spanning across various continents. It would be menacing to solely label him as a blogger or writer. This man has held many titles, from host to journalist, producer, editor, screenwriter, photographer, and much more.


Over the past 10 years, he has contributed to the continuity and growth of underground hip hop. His evolution in the industry was sparked by the high demand for his unique creativity and personable charisma. He has morphed into various aliases: Basquiat, The Plug, and Jason Bourne (JB), which speaks to his adaptability to create lanes for his growth and his stamp on this ever-changing field. 


He loved HIIP HOP. Every moment to host, to go into the studio, to sit on a video set, gave him a rush, and euphoric high. His journey in this industry was his pledge and commitment to see hip hop grown and he wanted to do it for his people.

 His love for people and his community was something that flowed through his veins

He lived and breathed the desire to see everyone succeed. He wanted people to follow their dreams, perfect their craft, and be true to themselves. 


What we must acknowledge is he was a man that praised his roots in the hood, giving the “the hood” homage for raising him. His namesake can be heard from Harlem to Washington Heights where on any block he was known as DBlokk, Hyman (Hym), or Green Eyes. When DeVon said “My block”, it could mean only three areas that were sacred to him 93rd Street, 114th St (14th), and Dyckman. His love for music and the hood allowed him to merge the two, helping to create what we know as his favorite hashtag #200Blokk and the #200Blokk concert series.


No matter what you called him or what he was known as he was a King. He was a loving son and grandson. He prided himself on being a devoted father. He was the greatest husband and provider. His sense of community-led him to a career in human services which helped those suffering in our communities with chronic health conditions. In all facets of his life, he stood by Loyalty and Trust. When he trusted you, you had his loyalty. These two quality makes a true KING, a true Champion. With mutual trust and loyalty, he made you his FAMILY.  . To know DeVon, was a blessing, a gift, and an honor. Each of us had a special bond with him, none is more sacred than the other. We can all relish in the fact that we had our time with him, and will have everlasting memories.   He might not be here in the physical sense, however, he has breathed so much of himself into each of us, which will last forever.

His pillow talk spoke of how much he loved this entertainment business. How he felt he was truly born to “move the culture” forward. He once said one of his greatest feelings in life, was when he got on stage and grabbed the mic. Remember one of his favorite questions, “Can I talk to y’all for a moment?” And with that line, came his beautiful smile. 


So when you have the mic in your hand, remember him hyping you on the sidelines. When you’re in the studio, listen for him telling you “the sound needs to change.” When you’re in a photoshoot, hear his suggestions of how you should pose. When you've created your publications, listen for his critique and feedback. Most of all always remember him for being true to his craft, his enlightenment of how the culture should move forward.



Our born king DeVon, aka Basquiat, The Plug, Jb, Hym, DBlokk, will live forever through his family and friends and his colleagues and partners in this industry. His family will continue to hold his roots and as his wife, I will continue to hold his heart. I am blessed and honored to been his soulmate. I am thankful to have watched him succeed in life and death. We all will all keep his memory alive

He Will Live In Infamy....Acquiring a New Name..



 He will live in infamy....acquiring a new name... The People’s Champion.

Mrs. Hyman, aka Mrs. JB



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