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Written By Medzack

Stunna Bam "Baptized in Loyalty" to his Hometown, and Globally, can we say that you are bored of tuning in to the regular, worn-out dreary rappers again and again? Would you like to fill your playlist with some new music? If so, you are in the ideal spot. Stunna Bam, this underground rapper, is a lyrical mystery that has slowly earned attention and got a pretty loyal fanbase. He gained a lot of attention with his songs: "Buy What I Want," "My Ghetto," he impressed fans across the globe through expressive and lyrical ability and brilliant idea's delivery to send a meaningful message towards the public. His songs are worth listening to. His melodies are very in tune, and to be honest, you can feel his vibe, and it gives you chills every time you hear them. His voice on the beats he chooses fits impeccably; that's why he deserved to sign with the local label 1501 Certified Entertainment and Entertainment One. Until now, the label's biggest success story is platinum rapper Megan Thee Stallion, who Crawford discovered from her Instagram video posts. 1501 is also home to Dallas rapper Erica Banks. Stunna Bam is next with new music. Stunna showed us when he dropped his song "Rock Out" featuring Erica Banks; we can say it was a gift to the public, and as a new member of 1501 Certified Entertainment, this song is characterized by a beautiful, substantial, balanced beat, and Bam puts some crazy bars to that beat. The first single from his upcoming mixtape, "Baptized in Loyalty," will be released later this year, produced by SGT. J, who also produced the song "Buss It," performed by Erica Banks, this song, if you didn't know, is the phenomenon of this 2021 start, the #BussItChallenge has gone viral on social media. We have insider knowledge that the following years will be something big for Southeast Texas, Houston, bound creative, so we've made a strong expectation that this little-known artist will put himself on the map by the following years. His mixtape will be available on most of the streaming platforms soon. So don't forget to enjoy it. As a native of Houston, Texas, Stunna Bam always makes sure that its reputation remains good through his music; that's why "Baptized in Loyalty" will be for his Hometown and Globally.

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