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Robert Ri'chard

New Age Renaissance Man

Photo Credit: Stuart Matthews 

Jack of all trades, but master of none. While sometimes true, it does not reflect the prodigies that do master all.


One such prodigy that has proven time and time again that he is, jack of all trades and master of them all, is Robert Ri'chard. Robert, born in Los Angeles, California, would go on to find his passion in the entertainment industry. He is no stranger to showbiz, captivating audiences worldwide with his dynamic and authentic acting no matter the role he fills. His legacy was sure from the onset. His talent was undeniable. From mega-platforms such as Nickelodeon, to hit TV shows like One on One, and classic movies like Coach Carter and House of Wax, Robert has dominated every role to attain the level to which he now resides.

Checkout A Clip of Robert Ri'chard new up and coming movie "California Love" and also an "Exclusive" interview with Lavish Life Magazine

From his many accolades, it would seem he has reached the peak of his career, but Robert is as multifaceted as they come. Currently, he not only acts, and produces movies, but he has created a brand and lane that only his hard work and dedication could have accomplished. Robert has a slew of successful skills and businesses under his belt. These range from Business Advisory and Management, Event Host Extraordinaire, and Fitness Guru in the form of his HighwayFit brand that aims to provide the best in fitness and health solutions through sound information coupled with medically endorsed methods and all earth-products.

Even after all this, Robert continues to blaze his path ahead in the entertainment industry. Currently, he is working his acting magic on the upcoming movie “California Love,” written & Directed by Preston Whitmore. The film is one of the depth revolving around friendships, relationships, and family ties set during the era of the devastating 92' L.A. Riots.


Robert Ri'chard is truly a rare blessing, one that comes every once in a while with capabilities beyond comprehension. After so many years making a name for himself, his work ethic continues to forge an even greater mark in history. Follow Robert’s awe-inspiring journey and keep up to date with everything he dabbles in on his website http://therobertrichard.com/.

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