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Zendaya and Dapper Dan show out and make history with fashion at the 2021 CFDA Awards

Actress Zendaya is set to make history on November 10 making a mark as the youngest person to receive a fashion icon award at just 25 years old. Noted, the Fashion designer will receive the lifetime achievement award and will be the first designer without a fashion show to ever win the award at the CFDA Awards.

Black Fashion Excellence will for sure be in the building. Other big celebs who have received the award are Rihanna, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Prince, Pharell, and David Bowie. Zendaya always shows out and slays the red carpet, making her hands down everyone’s fan favorite at every major event. She collaborates with everyone from YSL to Tommy Hilfiger on a gender-fluid collection and who can forget the tribute she paid to Beyoncé earlier this year at the 2021 BET Awards in the Versace gown. Both award winners have proven that they are fearless, constantly keeping their eyes on what’s hot. Yes, it’s about time the Europhoria actress and the bespoke designer receive their fashion flowers.

“There has to be something more than just a pretty dress. Zendaya’s always been my partner in going out to the event and telling a story without even opening her mouth. She puts everything into it.” Says her stylist Law Roach who has been with her since the beginning, to People Magazine. Zendaya does not have a singular “look”. “Her looks are so unexpected and she’s constantly evolving. She’s really talented in that way, there’s no one thing that defines Zendaya,” he told PEOPLE.

The CFDA is also honoring Dapper Dan with the Geoffrey Beene lifetime achievement award, making him the first designer without a fashion show to ever win the honor.

The 77-year-old Harlem, New York native thanked his community of Harlem in an Instagram post in September when he heard that he would be receiving the award. “Isn’t it ironic how the fashion world says that Dapper Dan won the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award, without ever having a runway show?” he wrote. “The streets of Harlem have been my runway for 35 years. Isn’t that where the major luxury brands got their inspiration from? Maybe logo-mania is an illusion. Thank you Harlem, I love you!”

These awards are well deserved for the fashion world and we congratulate them both on their success.



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