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Where were the Black Men

I have had the honor of marching in the protests. I marched on June 2nd in Manhattan, New York from 60 Centre Street and finished in the March going from Bryant Park, along 6th Avenue until 55th Street and 5th avenue. I have not marched for anything since the Protests against the Iraqi war in the Nineties under Former President Senior George Bush. I am not going to talk about the Marching. Those who were there have a responsibility to speak about the experience to their friends, colleagues and children. I want to address who I did not see. I did not see the African American. I did not see the Adult Black man between the ages of 30 to 55.

Have African American’s given up on true freedom and equality? Has it beaten the Black man so far down that we do not believe in a fighting chance for change and freedom?

The answer is in the message. The message of “Justice for George Floyd” is a Blessing. “Black Lives Matter” is a reminder of your value. However these are side bars to what the Black Man needs in this Society. We need an end to Systematic, Caucasian Oppression. White Systematic Oppression is the wheel that turns in every facet of this Society. The dismantling of this White Machine is the call that the majority of the Black people in America are waiting to receive.

Are strives being made this time around that are stronger and better? Yes they are. Do we need to do more? Yes we do. When the message is a unanimous cry for the end of oppression. When we have a united front we can chant; “We want an end to White Systematic Oppression!” On that day all of the Black people, the African America Community will come out and stand behind the banner and fight the long war ahead. We are at the beginning of the beginning.



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