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#WATCHLIST Misfit Mob Radio

Plugged In Feature: Misfit Mob Radio

Based on the genius idea to flip the idea of a misfit and its previously accepted negative connotation, Malik LeekDaPrince Inniss sought to turn the term on its head and make it something special. "That's what being a 'misfit' means to me," says the New York city-based radio personality and event coordinator.

"Misfit Mob Radio is a group of talented industry insiders who come together once a week to give you what’s lacking today... REAL TALK."

Along with DJ G, The Prince and Savage Tee the collective dabble into the good, the bad, the ratchet and everything in between. Of course in the best interest of entertaining their healthy listener count. Misfit Mob blends popular culture news and information with their objective of highlighting many of the best underground talents the Tri-state area has to offer.

The Misfit Mob are the new hungry hustlers on the block and they are already making an impact! Catch your favorite band of Misfits every Thursday night live only on DTF Radio!



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