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Upcoming Film ‘They’re Trying To Kill Us’,Filmmaker John Lewis breaks down food and health injustice

This upcoming film will provide the truth about the injustice on African Americans health. The four principles of social justice are equity, access, participation, and rights. African Americans are known to have things deprived from them especially the four principles. Also, African Americans get denied unalienable rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution. As they continue to fight, over 400 years of systematic oppression, there is one thing African Americans do have control over, their health. Having control over your health means better food consumption. So with this film, John Lewis from Bad ass Vegan and Vegan Smart and Keegan Kuhn( Conspiracy, What the Health) both explore the food injustice in the African American communities in the upcoming film ‘They’re Trying To Kill Us’. Both John and Keegan are health advocates and with their next project, it will be a sequel to the award winning film What the Health. In the film sequel, people who watch are going to follow the journey of co-director, John Lewis, who will be adventuring off to find the truth about why people of color suffer more and have higher rates of chronic diseases than their European American people. Lewis reaches out into Hip Hop’s global influencers to bring more attention to this health crisis. “We are the first machines ever built,” says the Ferguson, MZ native. “This is the one thing that we can change with the snap of our fingers.” Since culture is evolving and with that comes evolution, people are becoming more health conscious. With this result, They’re trying to kill us by featuring many different cultural influencers including people like Dame Dash, Ne-yo, Styles P, Angela Yee and many others. These influencers always advocate against the injustice of health in the black and brown communities. Believe that there are many factors from food accessibility and government corruption to nutritional and environmental racism. People who watch the film will see it through John Lewis. He has come so far from having a drug addicted mother, to being around violence from his native city to having his own health problems. Despite all the challenges, he has thrived and pushes to end food and health injustice. The film They’re Trying To Kill Us is set to come during 2020’s Holiday season so you can enjoy being with your family and eat with a side of health awareness.



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