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Tyler Perry pays College Tuition for Raynard Brooks Four kids and his Funeral

Tyler Perry has already agreed to pay for Raynard Brooks funeral expenses but a day after, WXIA-TV reports that Tyler has also agreed to pay for Raynard’s kids college tuition. Raynard, a black man who was intoxicated and also harmless and unarmed, was shot twice in the back by an Atlanta police officer. He left behind three daughters ages 1,2 and 8 and his step son who is 13 years old. This horrible incident happened in the middle of nationwide protests against the police brutality that is going on in America in response to the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. Brooks’ family’s attorney, Chris Stewart, commented that Tyler Perry is generously gifting Raynard’s kids to having a better and greater opportunity to an higher education. He also stated, “Support like that, people who are actually in the community that loves the community that wants healing, and families like this should never have to go through something like this.” With all the support people have been giving this nation, taking a stand against racial injustice, many celebrities have been supporting and helping as best as they can too. Tyler Perry is just one of many others celebrities that have lent a helping hand during the crisis this world is facing this year.



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