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Twitter Rampage Over Kirk Frost and Rasheeda

Twitter rampage over Kirk Frost and Rasheeda Frost relationship calling out Kirk for ‘R.Kelly behavior’, Rasheeda shuts it down

From the popular reality tv show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”, the OG’s Kirk and Rasheeda Frost have given fans an insight of their marriage involvement love, hustle and infidelity. The couple is getting shots fired at them after the Twitter user tried to put them on blast about their history. This is what the conspirator had to say about this alleged conspiracy. She stated “Kirk adopted Rasheeda when shorty was 15…started having relations with her as a legal parent…married her at 17 while he was 30,” the tweet reads. “They have been together for 20 years. He has 7 kids, 2 are hers. Why nobody compares him to Robert Kelly?” Almost immediately after this conspiracy came about, Rasheeda quickly shut this rumor down. Here is what she had to say, “U ain’t told nobody sh*t w/ yo bootleg conspiracy theory ass,” she began. “Come w/ facts not assumptions if u has gone try 2 blast somebody. Here’s some help I’ve never been adopted I didn’t know sh*t bout, Kirk, when I was 15 & sho wasn’t thinking bout getting married @ 17 so worry bot Dat Rona!” By stating this, people didn’t stop there. Fans still seem to believe that Rasheeda is not being all the way real and upfront about this conspiracy and people continued to research the couple. Fans pointed out that this year makes 20 years of marriage and next month Rasheeda is expected to turn 38. Reports showed that the couple jumped the broom in 1999. Meaning, Rasheeda would have been 17 years old at the time marrying Kirk Frost, who was 30 at the time. Of course, that didn’t sit well with the couple so they expressed the situation on their social media. Shutting down rumors, Kirk stated that people should mind their business. He never adopted Rasheeda and definitely would not be into marrying someone that is 17 and he’s 31. Telling people to grow up and not believe everything you see on the internet because who's to say that is true, he says. Stating that the ages are lying and concluding the video saying he is not interested in marrying a minor. Don’t believe everything off the internet people.



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