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TikTok is celebrating black history month by announcing their black TikTokers that are trailblazing

Another positive moment for black history month, Tik Tok is celebrating Black History Month by launching #BlackTikTok, an industry that is defining a community that is always innovating, trailblazing, and creating trends.

Tik Tok’s celebration of #BlackTikTok includes a list of the Black TikTok Trailblazers, the new and next-generation of entertainment leaders, nominated by the TikTok community for their creativity, passion/desire, and authenticity. Musicians @yeahitsak and @megagonefree are just a few Black TikTok creators featured on the list, which spans beyond.

Here are a few more Black TikTockers that made the list:

@emmanuelduverneau – Emmanuel Duverneau, a 25-year-old content developer, is inspired by his mother’s cooking instruction and it is instilled in him which created a passion for experimenting in the kitchen. On TikTok, Emmanuel shares his love of dancing and cooking to inspire people to pursue their aspirations and continue doing what they enjoy.

@grace_africa – Grace is a nurse and comedian who is well-known for her TikTok impersonations and humor. Her background as a fellow nurse allows her to use her platform to provide instructive and amusing information.

@keke.janajah – Keara Wilson is a 20-year-old choreographer and dancer who enjoys making and sharing dance videos on TikTok. She was named a 2021 Originator on The Discover List for creating the popular Savage dance to Megan Thee Stallion’s hit song, and she hopes to keep moving forward with her profession by becoming certified as a group fitness instructor.

@thesweetimpact – Robert is an IT expert and self-taught cake artist who uses TikTok to showcase the process of making his cakes. He’s recognized for his big, creative, and imaginative cake designs, which include Nike Air Jordans, Beauty and the Beast, Space Jam, and other pop culture references. For his designs, he was named a Foodie on The Discover List.

There are many more #BlackTikTokers that made the list and it’s a proud moment. Happy Black History Month✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿



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