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The Face of America's Abuse of the People

Opinion – We have watched Donald Trump do many things during his ongoing term as President and especially during the Pandemic. He is my Favorite President! Why? He is easy to write about. He is the definition of a Politician. He is a liar and a manipulator of the facts to gain the support of the people. And my last point that he in itself is what is wrong with America.

Trump’s major media play was to “build a wall” and keep the illegal immigrants off of American soil. While he infused Immigration and Customs Enforcement with power to take people out of their homes and places them in internment camps. Separating families and feeding into a racial propaganda machine that would vote him into office. In 2016 he took the office and it was obvious that America had spoken brazenly that it wanted this leadership. Your media can make jokes, your celebrities and boldly disrespect the Commander and Chief on social media but the true power and ruler ship of the country placed upon a Throne of System White Oppression lies its next figure head monarch.

Trump attacked China. He told us that they were spies. That they do not pay taxes and tariffs for importing and exporting goods. The former can be true. The latter is true. The former statement was a shot at the Obama administration with free cell phone for those without the ability to afford a cell phone. That is why the common or street phrase for a free cell phone is called “Obama Phone”. But no one looked at what China was doing in the business world. Alibaba is a company based in India and that is owned by China. Alibaba is China's Amazon securing delivery without Amazon in the Eastern part of the world. Tencent is a search engine company that does the same thing Google does. In fact google changed its name to Alphabet to have the same visibility on the Stock Market. China is the number 1 holder of the National debt with holding 1.11 trillion. Tik Tok was the number 1 social media platform in 2018 above Instagram. This stability pushes China into financial world leadership. Trump told us about spies and the Boogie man of China when he, as a bribed and paid Politian was fighting for Business interests and American Business survival on the global scale that we were actually losing. One last point. When the push during the summer to focus more on Bitcoin as viable step to build a cashless society and to help with stopping the transmission of the virus China already had a digital currency called the “Digital Yuan” ready to go. Trump did state in the beginning of a public address that “… We are a War. A different kind of War …” A war of Finance and Global economic power.

And now, the President who has lead us down the road of protecting his interests as President instead of putting the support and aid to the people. The President that has immigrants in internment camps till this day! Whose lack of intelligence in Global finance allowed for the U.S. to pay more in tariffs than to receive. Who pandered to his voter base in 2016 by not wearing a mask for the masses to see. Defending under age shooters of protesters. And has pandered voters by using his recovery from the Corona Virus to engage political support. Why do I make this last statement? We are a people are told you need at least 14 days for quarantine and/or recovery. He walked out of the hospital in 3 days (Refer to the Bible and Jesus for the reference in that). He wore a mask for those who believed strongly in mask wearing for safety. We are America let these games be played upon us as people. We are lied too, manipulated with Patriotism, mislead by our media because they make money in giving the people anxiety and keeps us in a state of fear. We are not loved by our leaders, we are only used. And Trump is the face of this deceit. This deceit that has been done by every President that has ever lived. Not we not deny what we see in Trump. The face of abuse of the people by America.



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