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The Curry’s Donate 1 million Student Meals

Basketball player Steph Curry and wife, Ayesha Curry are the latest of NBA players to help families that are struggling due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Multiple schools around the world are closing as a response due to the Coronavirus threat. Unfortunately, many kids that come from low-income families depend on school food and can’t eat due to the pandemic. That’s why this married couple decided to take a stand to help these families in need. They plan to donate 1 million to unprivileged students via their foundation, Eat.Learn.Play, to the Alameda County Community food bank. They announced in a video that was uploaded on Twitter after the news stated that Oakland Unified a School District will be temporarily closed until April 5th. When hearing about the district being closed, this couple felt the need to help any way possible so no kid or anyone go hungry due to the set back of this Coronavirus. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW YOU CAN PREVENT Coronavirus Contact



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