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The Coronavirus taking off globally killing nearly 500 people

The coronavirus outbreak has killed 494 people worldwide, the majority of people in China. In 25 different countries, it has infected 24,600 people so far. There are 60 million people in China that are on lockdown with three cities reporting over thousands of confirmed cases. Everyone entering Hong Kong from China has to be quarantined for some time. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) will be distributing test kits to labs all over. Each test kit will be able to perform on 700-800 patients. These kits will announce their confirmed cases rather than waiting for confirmation. There are many questions about this virus. There is no cure so far but there are signs of progress. Thai doctors have successfully treated two patients with a combination of antiviral drugs. The symptoms can look like the flu/fever. The virus is spread by coughing or sneezing also it can be spread by contaminated fecal matter. If you are thinking about traveling to China be mindful. Always wash your hands and cover your mouth, protect yourself.



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