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The Bronx Rapper Fred the Godson, aka Frederick Thomas, Has Passed Away This Thursday After Battling

The Bronx rapper Fred the Godson, aka Frederick Thomas, has passed away this Thursday after battling almost a month with the CoronaVirus. When he found out he was sick he posted on Twitter stating he was on a ventilator in the hospital on April 6. His wife, LeAnn Jemmott, told News 12 April 8th the doctor told her that he wasn't faring well. She was distraught. She said, “It was just like, he’s gone and he’s gonna die, that’s it”. Feeling like it was the end, he started to show signs of improvement. He lost his fever which was the biggest improvement but was still in intensive care. His fever was really bad to the point it peaked at 105 degrees. Fred was at such a high risk for the virus because of his asthma. According to his publicist, his heart and vitals were showing positive signs, and having reduced fever was a major relief. Due to the disease, Fred's kidney function was not progressing and showing positive signs of improvement. Before being diagnosed with Covid-19, Fred would often post pictures of himself on Instagram using his breathing treatment machine to treat his asthma. The Godson has 2 wonderful kids with his wife and was ultimately taken away from them due to this deadly virus. His death touched everyone even if you didn't know him personally it affected you. His death broke the internet and impacted a lot of people. People all overpaid tribute to his life. He worked with so many people rapping his heart out. With leaving his family, he dropped his Payback mixtape two weeks before being hospitalized. He left the world with an impact at such a young age. Please stay safe and stay home. Our condolences to Fred’s family from Lavish Life Magazine and may Fred The Godson Rest in Peace



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