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Sza ‘SOS’ Album Officially Certified Platinum By RIAA

SZA’s SOS album is still going crazy. After still going hard on the Billboard 200 chart for weeks, the album has secured its spot and is now platinum certified by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

SZA was also awarded a 4x platinum plaque for the single “Good Days,” 2x platinum for her CTRL track “Supermodel” and “I Hate You,” while additional plaques came in for singles like “Shirt,” “Kill Bill” and more.

SZA spoke about the achievement on Instagram.

“Last night was the first time I had a great time at an award show ! (Prolly cause I ain’t have to do shit but cheer my friends on + announce ppl I Stan lmao) my team also surprised me w a GANG OF PLATINUM and gold plaques for SOS[.] can’t believe the album is already eligible for double platinum. LOVE TO EVERYBODY THAT GOT ME HERE AND CONTINUES TO LIFT ME UP. I love you.”

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