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Swizz Beatz gets slammed on Social Media for his comment on Janet Jackson #Verzuz

No doubt that the Verzuz battles have been keeping people entertained during the quarantine. Millions of people pop on social media just to watch their favorite celebrities battle song for song.

Now Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, the Verzuz creators, are trying to find more artists to go head to head.

They are trying to discuss potential matchups for the famous Missy Elliot, Swizz threw some shady comments at the legendary Janet Jackson, saying that she doesn’t have the versatility to go against Missy Elliott.

“Missy can be multiple people. Janet gonna just be Janet,” Swizz said. Missy joined in and commented that Janet’s vault is too big, to which Swizz replied, “I don’t think so. I don’t agree with that.”

Swizz had social media heated and ready to attack him for his comment going against the legend. @stawpfeenin said “Swizz Beatz saying that Janet Jackson doesn’t have the vault to do a #verzuz against Missy. Why say this shit on live?Janet has #1 hits across THREE different decades. 27 top 10 hits on the BB Hot 100: 10 #1s and 16 #1s on the R&B Charts. 7 #1 albums across FOUR DECADES.

People were mad, but instead of folding, Swizz held his composure and said in his comments, “LETS BE CLEAR. I don’t think Missy & Janet is a good match up at all! Much love to Janet she’s ICON but I just didn’t feel that was a good match up. Janet got hits on hits but she should have a better person to celebrate with that’s all. Blessings….”

With that being said, do you think he was wrong for what he said? Or do you think he said the right thing? Comment below tell us how you feel.



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