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Swizz Beatz comes up with an idea, Verzuz Battle: Drake v. Kanye West

Could there be a chance to have Ye and Drake battle each other in a VERZUZ arena?

That’s what Swizz Beatz is pushing and bringing to light. Since the conclusion of Rick Ross and 2 Chainz VERZUZ battle, Swizz Beatz threw a sub to his partner Tim Baland. He wrote on his Twitter, “Ayo Tim Drake VS YE #versuz,”.

Now this battle may be a really good one and fans are hype about it being a potential but with the rocky relationship and timid situation these two big artists have, may be a long shot.

Drake and close friend of Ye, Pusha T, are still aiming at each other's heads. Then Kanye has bigger duties to deal with like assisting President Trump to get re-elected.

Do you think this battle can happen? If it does, who would you want to win?


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