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Star Brim, Cardi B’s best Friend, Charged in NYC Blood Gang Sweep for Racketeering and Slashing.

Instagram famed Star Brim, also known as Yonette Respass, has been charged in a gang-related case for allegedly slashing a person and participating in racketeering activities. Star is currently pregnant and is due any day now. Due to the pregnancy, she will not be arrested until after she has given birth to her baby boy. She was among 18 defendants named in an indictment of the 5-9 Brims. According to prosecutors, Star is one of the higher-ranking members. She is heralded as the “Godmother”, which puts her head lady and entails that all females that are members report to her first. Star and 10 other members of the 5-9 Brims were also charged in an indictment presented by the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn for alleged acts with the “Real Ryte” gang where members are being accused of participating in murders of rival members. The indictment states Brim ordered members of 5-9 Brims to beat up on these bartenders at a nightclub in Queens, New York back in 2018. Due to Star coming into motherhood, she is set to self-surrender.



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