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Sexxy Red Tell Jess Hilarious “ I Don't Mess with You! You Be Sneak Dissin”

Sexxy Red Tell Jess Hilarious “ I Don't Mess with You! You Be Sneak Dissin” HELLO GANG!!! It’s me Ghost of New York City and I’m Back with another HOT TOPIC. In a recent exchange, on the Breakfast Club rapper Sexxy Red directly addressed comedian Jess Hilarious, in a most recent interview on the Breakfast Club conveying a clear message: "I don’t mess with you." She goes on to say Jess Hilarious Be Sneak dissing this candid statement has sparked curiosity among fans, leaving many wondering about the reasons behind their apparent separation/Beef. Take a Listen as Jess and Sexxy Red Go back and forth about the situation. So let's start off with the real reason sexxy Red doesn't mess with Jess Hilarious. In a past episode, she alluded to Rapper Sexxy Red having a “ Stinky Vagina” Now come on Jess that was a low blow! Take a listen as Jess Hilarious talks about Rapper Sexxy Red's alleged issue. Ok! What Do you guys think, Did the Comedian Jess Hilarious step out of pocked with this one to talk about someone's personal private parts? At some point as a media-spoken person, some things should be a no-fly zone. What do you guys think? This is why some people in the media choose clean Media over Dirty Media. Man! This is crazy. Leave your thoughts in the comments sections. And let’s get those likes up so I can get into the YouTube algorithm, so we can continue to give you play-by-play with these hot topics. I’m GHOST!! #sexxyred #jesshilarious



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