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Selah Marley claims Rihanna allegedly took her idea for second Savage X Fenty fashion show

Selah Marley, daughter of Lauryn Hill is putting her name out there and making headlines once again but this time she is not spilling the beans on her family.

The 21 year old is making alleged statements that Rihanna stole her artistic ideas from her 2019 project, ‘A Primordial Place.’

In a way to express her opinion, she wrote in a long caption kind of hesitant to express her feelings on what she believes is the same replica of her work.

She wrote, “Quite a few friends brought this up to me & I wasn’t gonna say anything about this, but I’m bothered. For those who remember, I did ‘A Primordial Place’ in May 2019.. I put my heart & soul (& all the money I had) into this project and…. I don’t know. Is it just me?As a young independent, female black artist, I genuinely feel robbed. I’m not signed to any label.. I don’t have any investors. I just have myself & the people who support me. It took A LOT to pull this together & to see it replicated almost exactly with no mention of my name or the work I previously put in is just ridiculous.”

Fans went off protecting Rihanna on Twitter. What are your thoughts about the allegations? Comment below

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The Black Wolf
The Black Wolf
Oct 22, 2020

You are on it!!! Unfortunately this happens everyday in this industry. In fact any industry ideas are used by other all the time all you have to do is alter information and or beat,sound by one note or verse and it’s done. Now I don’t know if this true but it happens. If you have a project hold on to it until you’re sure it safe. Hard game but somebody got to play it...



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