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Seeking True Reparations.

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Asheville, N.C. -- Hearken back if you will to July 14th. Within Asheville where the City Council apologized for their role in slavery and offered "reparations" for the Black Community. Counsel man Keith Young was the Chief proponent in this motion. It received and 7-0 vote on that day. Is this a milestone? The notion and the idea is a definite positive. The reparations would be used to increase the gap in disparities among Black people as opposed to other cultures and races in areas that are failing like housing and education. No cash or capital gains are offered by this motion.

I disagree with this strategy to give Black people reparations. Only tangible reparations can be of benefit to the Black people such as cash. Programs for betterment opportunities and

passive living programs are capitalists money pits. You build a business around improving Poverty and disparagement with the claim to improve the lives of people but you only build a circus that repeats itself and changes nothing. We need solid tangibles from Cash and other forms of Black economic empowerment.

Cash and other tangibles are needed to give freedom to the people. We cannot choose how we invest our capital in a loan program, or a program to fix the housing situation that was caused by State, local and Federal neglect and denial of a people. The Black Community needs solid tangibles including Cash, and access to City, State and Federal business contracts. This will give us control of our destiny and the ability to shape our own future within America. We want the evening out of the playing field so that we can have success in America. Slavery has built the foundation of the success of America. And the rights we have fought for has helped other minority groups as well as our own.

In recent news the "reparations" initiative is expanding. We must act now as a people to be clear, and precise as to what we want within the realm of reparations. We must also be clear that the housing and initiative programs that are currently on the table are not enough to make a way for a people whose blood and sweat built a country.



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