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Schools to re-open in New York City.

Picture of P.S. 33 - Chelsea Prep School

New York - Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that New York City public schools will reopen as of December 7th. The Mayor's office, in concurrence with the Teacher's Union are in agreement. The Governor, Andrew Cuomo, is also amiable, and on board with the reopening of schools despite clashing over protocol during the pandemic in the past.

The reopening of schools will follow some conditions. Parents have to give signed consent. They must also provide test results for their child/children or a vaccine exemption form. The children will be tested weekly as a condition to attend schools. With the current scope of students approximately one fifth of the student population will be tested per week.

The Elementary schools and Pre-Kindergarten classes will reopen on December 7th. Special needs schools will reopen December 10th. The Junior High and High schools are to follow suite but the date is not set.

Governor Cuomo retains the power and right to close down any school in a high risk zone. That is an area of New York with high reports of Corona Virus infected people. And the City Board of Education has the authority to shut down a classroom or whole school at a moment's notice.

Do not forget that "blended learning is still in place and so is remote learning. Blended learning is limited in school time and time learning remotely from home. We as New Yorker's have these options as well as home schooling where we control the education our children receive. Please know the facts, get more information about educating your children and protect your children because they are our future.



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