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Recent Beef Between T.I. And Charleston White Due to T.I. Son King Harris Instagram Drama

Charleston White sparked controversy last week when he went on one of his YouTube rants on October 8, which included calling out Boosie BadAzz's son, Tootie Raw, and Tip's son, King Harris.

"That little yellow sum b***h think he playing tough. You going to jail. Dawg, your little boy going to jail just like your daddy. Going to jail just like your daddy went," he ranted.

"I’m talkin’ bout that goddamn Lil Boosie boy and that T.I. boy. They ain’t gone be s**t. Matter of fact, them little boys gon' grow up and be strung out on drugs the way they going."

King didn’t back down and went off on Instagram the next day and replied, "Charleston White, you’s a b***h, boy.

"We was ’bout to whoop yo ass when you come back down here from telling. I can see you had a soft upbringing."

Two days after this rant, Monday 10 October, Charleston clapped back and admitted that he had alerted the Atlanta Police Department and Fulton County District Attorney about what King said and said that he just wants to get King put in jail.

T.I. later that day got involved and addressed the issue on Instagram Live.

"Just pull me up to speed on what some grown-ass muthaf****n' man had to say about my muthaf****n' son," T.I. told his Instagram followers.

Still talking to Charleston, he continued with: "I understand that you a bottom feeder and a parasite.

"I understand when that's your business. But, boy, I’ll spare no expense on your ass ’bout mine. Give a f*** about no police. I’ll do all my time.

"I got family who are willing to risk their lives and freedom to die ’bout me and mine. Don't f**king play with me, man. Don’t f*****g play with my muthaf****n' child ever," he added.

As the day continued, Charleston didn’t stop there and quickly responded with serious threats to T.I.

"Say, T.I., listen, if your boy jump on me, y’all will bury that yellow muthaf***a."I’ll shoot him right in his goddamn throat. I wish a 18, 19-year-old would jump on me."

He went on to challenge T.I. to a fight and claimed that “judge” Steve Harvey could act as referee.

According to Charleston, he and T.I. had words over the phone to discuss the situation of their feud but it didn't go far and didn’t end well.

Filmmaker Deon Taylor added himself to the argument and slammed Charleston for his recent comments and threats.

In a video posted on Instagram, which T.I. re-shared on his own page, Deon said: "This dude was on Instagram talking crazy like killing his son, shooting him in the throat, and I commented.

"My comment was very simple, it was like, 'yo we can't sit here and have nobody writing nothing like that".

"I'm not sure what the backstory was but when I'd seen the video, I was like, 'no way in the world we can have somebody write on a page they're gonna shoot somebody's son'," Deon replied.

Here's a look at the ongoing beef and some opinions,



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