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Proud of New York.

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

I am proud of New York. I have seen much in the city over the past year. From handling the Corona Virus to celebrating the defeat of Donald Trump.

We as New York was one of most at risk states for having Corona Virus since March and we worked our way to being one of the lowest in spreading and new cases. At this time I will say that Cuomo and Bill de Blasio did their parts to maintain order but let us not forget the New Yorkers that just took care of themselves and others. The workers who had to go to work and stay healthy and safe. They made sacrifices that we must acknowledge.

We as New York love and mourn our loved ones to during this year. We had a full three months of imposed quarantine and that was a beautiful thing from the right perspective. The virus made us hold still and realize what was important. Family, connections, being happy to be alive despite what was going on in the world. Realizing that we need more family and connection and to use the world wide web with moderation. To appreciate the world outside. To appreciate our health and to treasure and take care of it.

We protested the Death of George Floyd. We protested the Death of Breonna Taylor. We honestly spoke up about racism being exercised in the NYPD. We must continue this narrative and call out for justice and the ways to bring about justice.

Donald Trump used Racism to win a election. He then followed the procedures to keep the Government intact during the virus and put himself in position for reelection rather than to aid the people. Trump's reign exposed the Racism in the Government house and in the hearts of the people. For if a racist can take the Presidential seat then why should the common citizen hide their racial hates and bigotries? Trumps actions exposed our need for community and to fight for justice. New York is not perfect nor is it a perfect melting pot but we were able to see the bigger picture of tolerance rather than racial dominance.

2020 proved that although we are not perfect. We have the courage to get better. We can face ourselves and move forward into the future and with one foot in front of the other we walk together. As human beings, Man and Woman and as New Yorkers!

May the Most High Bless us with Courage to do what is right!



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