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Pro-Puerto Rican boxer Felix Verdejo, accused of killing his pregnant mistress

Felix Verdejo allegedly premeditated the murder of his mistress, Keishla Rodriguez, who was pregnant with their child. The already married boxer reportedly drugged her and then threw her over a bridge; now, he faces two death sentences.

Participation in the Olympic Games in 2012, 29 pro fights for 27 victories (including 17 knockouts); Félix Verdejo was considered the future big name in Puerto Rican boxing. After his arrest by the FBI, he becomes a fallen hope in the case of the death of his mistress, Keishla Rodriguez Ortiz. She was pregnant with their child and was found drowned in a lagoon.

To elucidate this case, the FBI relied on a witness, and the latter delivered chilling details. "Around April 27", Verdejo is said to have contacted "to terminate the pregnancy of the victim, who had told her to be pregnant with him." On April 29 (Thursday), "Verdejo contacted the victim to arrange a meeting near his home. It will take place in the boxer's car, where Verdejo punched the victim in the head, who then received an injection with a syringe filled with substances, unspecified but probably used to drug her. Verdejo and the FBI witness, who had accompanied him, then tied the victim's arms and feet with cable before tying him to a block."

"The witness then took Keishla Rodríguez Ortiz's keys to get into his car and the two vehicles headed for the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge. The bridge overlooks the lagoon between San Juan and Carolina. The victim got taken out of the car and thrown into the water from the side of the bridge. Before that, Verdejo shot the victim with a pistol from the bridge."

Keishla Rodriguez was found dead in the lagoon; she identified with her teeth and a tattoo of a diamond she had drawn on her neck, a reference to Felix Verdejo's nickname.

Félix Verdejo was indicted for kidnapping and theft of a car, which resulted in death and the premeditated murder of an unborn child. For those counts of kidnapping and car theft, he risks two death sentences. Felix could also be sentenced to life in prison for the premeditated murder of an unborn child.

Félix Verdejo was already married; he and his wife Eliz Sierra are parents to a 2-year-old daughter, Miranda.


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