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Police Under Investigation in Kansas City For Firing At Unarmed Pregnant Black Woman

A couple of days ago, a Kansas City police officer shot an unarmed pregnant black woman. This happened Friday night May 27th. She is currently still in the hospital.

CBS KCTV-5, reports that Missouri State Highway Patrol is in the case and is currently investigating. This is proper protocol to have outside agencies investigate KCPD when officers are involved in shootings. MSHP put out a statement saying the responding officers were answering the call they got about an alleged armed carjacking. There were bystanders who had a descriptive idea of the person or people and a license plate number.

The KCPD officers had approached the vehicle with the suspect in it and the male driver fled. While officers were in pursuit, 26-year-old Leonna Hale, the woman later identified, also ran into the parking lot.

The MSHP stated they found a handgun in the parking lot and two KCPD officers started to fire. Hale was shot in the mist and was taken to the hospital. The male suspect wasn’t hit but was taken to a local hospital for other unrelated medical problems.

“We never want to be in these type of situations,” Kansas City and Missouri Police Department’s Police Chief Joseph Mabin said. “Not the public, as a police department. Anytime it happens is a blight on our community. I want to ensure the public the scene is secure. There’s no on-going threat. We’re committed to be 100% transparent. This is a holiday weekend. It’s time for friends. Not a time for violence.”

29-year-old, Shedanja, a bystander at the scene saw the events that took place and stated “She did not pull out a weapon on them”. “She did not even have a stick in her hand.” Shédanja also stated Hale was very close to the officers, just three steps away. She continued to state, “One, two, three, four, five. I remember it because it didn’t stop. They shot five times,” Shédanja said to the Kansas City Star. “I remember seeing her hit the ground and I froze.”

In the video that was released already, officers asked Hale to get on the ground but she said she couldn’t due to her being pregnant. Furthermore, the witness said that Hale told the officers there was a gun in the car. As she was moving away from the officers who had their guns drawn at her, the officers decided to fire at her, shooting Hale multiple times.

Here's a video of the unfortunate events that took place that day:



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