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Pfizer and the "New Alternative" Hustle.

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Over one month ago, the pharmaceutical companies, Johnson & Johnson and Eli Lilly have stopped trials on their vaccine for the Corona Virus also known as Covid-19 due to adverse effects on those that participated in the test trials. One volunteer who took the sample of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine became sick with an unrelated illness.

However the Pfizer Company is going forward with their testing by using a experimental and new procedure. The procedure is to insert a piece of "Messenger RNA platform" into the fat module of the volunteer, test subject. Direct insertion into the subject DNA.

Dr. Michael Corrinne is working on this procedure in Jacksonville, Florida.

My issue and my concern is my trust and belief in this process and the information that is given to us by the media. We are told that a person who is not showing symptoms is asymptomatic. However asymptomatic is not immune. An immune person is healthy person whose immune system can protect them. An asymptomatic person does not show symptoms but is still suffering the dangers of the virus and the virus is still inside their body. If this disease has a 100 percent mortality rate then every asymptomatic person will pass away. The media is not going into detail about certain theories that are being developed as to how long the virus can survive outside of the body. The average recovery time of a person afflicted by Covid-19 who did not die and if anyone is confirmed to be immune to this virus are also vital pieces of information that is being held from us. Big Pharma is not to be trusted. Big Pharma is the same organization that is responsible for the opioid crises in this nation turning pharmacies in corner drug dealers. They are not above getting a mandate for a procedure, vaccine or medication and years later hitting those responsible with a small fine. (Sackler-Purdue to pay 8 million for the abuse in the sale of OxyContin). We are ignoring the information coming out with autism, mental handicapped children and vaccines.

The procedure alarms me because it affects people on a genetic level. They are injecting mRDA, genetic code into your DNA. It is a realm where we have no checks or counter balance. What can your Doctor really tell you about the side effects? What will your children yet to be born face? How will this change in your DNA affect you against other health conditions?

In current news Pfizer's new vaccine procedure is 90% effective and is approved by President Trump and new President elect, Joe Biden. Pfizer's "gene therapy" looks to be the quick fix to restore the nation's sanity. Which was attacked in the panic of Covid-19. We were given fear without hope instead of the truth at every step of the way.

This is the "new alternative" hustle. It is still a vaccine. We are told it is less dangerous because the method is new and we are given scenario's that seemed to have failed with Johnson and Johnson and Ely Lilly. So we believe it is safer when in fact we do not know any of the dangers of this new form of vaccine. I advocate that scientists be allowed to speak and display their findings to all the people. Not just the World Health Organization and the National institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases. I advocate freedom of choice on whether or not to take vaccines. Because when money is involved the protection and preservation of life is not!

Thank you for this counter-article, Rissa Islam.

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