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Our Thoughts and Prayers For The 19 Children Who Lost Their Lives In The Texas Shooting Massacre

Another tragic event due to gun violence just happened recently in Texas. 19 children were killed and two adults were at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The suspect was named Salvador Ramos, a18 year-old boy, who was identified as the shooter.

The identity of the shooter was approved by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. According to the New York Daily News, Abbott was also a resident of the city, which only holds up to 15,000 residents 80 miles outside of San Antonio.

Before Ramos went to Robb Elementary, he shot his own grandmother at home. Ramos was killed instantly during the gunfight at the scene. Two officers received minor injuries in the gunfight.

We don’t know what was the motive for this act. The motive has not been determined as of yet. What we do know is that gun violence has to be changed and corrected so the young generation can stop suffering.

Our prayers go out to the families who lost their children due to this tragic event. 🙏🏾



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