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Off White presents walk runway in Paris Fashion Week Show with Jim Jones, Serena Williams & More

Jim Jones has tried something new and added a high-fashion runway model to his long profile as he hits the runway with an all-star cast as part of this year’s Off-White show on Monday (February 28) at Paris Fashion Week.

The Harlem homegrown surprised the fans with his involvement in the Fall-Winter 2022/2023 by Virgil Abloh (In memoriam) show with many Instagram posts that showed the entertainer eating in Paris to sitting in the make-up chair getting his makeup done, preparing to walk to walking the runway in an all-egg plant Off-White outfit with a lavender undershirt. Jim Jones walked with known icons in both fashion and sports like Serena Williams, Cindy Crawford, and Kendell Jenner.

Here’s a link of him preparing for the day and walking the runway:

“Talkin bout my walk told u I’m a #RunwaySteppa I’m back on my DiddyBop had to put that shit on real quick,” Jim Jones wrote as an Instagram caption with video of him posing in front of a chandelier, in the center of the Off White showroom. “yal mad cause I’m a runway model a rapper and a trainer lol Came to the @off____white fashion in my @off____white turn it to a splashin show.”

It was a very proud moment for Jim Jones and Hip Hop as well. He was showered with praise by peers and fans alike in the hip-hop community on social media throughout the entire fashion show. Comments ranging from celebratory to lol moments.

Here are some comments peers and fans wrote:

Gooooooooo jimmy,” Fat Joe commented with fire emoji.

“cat walk capo!” commented Angie Martinez with three fire emojis.

“I’m just gonna say this you get it from your mama! Do the damn thing! You got to love him! Because I love him all the way up to God,” Mama Jones, Jim Jones’ mother, comments.

“I never saw you walk like that before? Lol,” Maino comments with wide-eyed face emoji.



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