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Nick Cannon. Under Scrutiny. Under Fire. Counter Attacked.

Nick Cannon, the Host of the TV show: "The Masked Singer" and Program creator of the hit Hip Hop Comedy Show, "Wild-n-Out" was Fired by ViacomCBS for statements made on his Podcast.

The week of 7/13/20 ViacomCBS responded to statements that Nick Cannon made on his personally controlled podcast, "Canon's Class." The statements were labeled "Anti-Semitic" and prompted the removal of Canon from Wild-N-Out by ViacomCBS. Nick Canon launched defiant statements on his Twitter and Facebook platforms.

His defiance and bold stance gave way to an apology to the Jewish Community and the removal of the January Canon's Class episode. This change of stance came 24 hours after his first statements on Social Media.

I use the story of Nick Canon to point to a issue I have with the media system. In Media I have seen Black and other Celebrities of Color be mocked and disrespected on the front pages of Newspapers. But when Nick Canon makes statements about history on his podcast and under the current climate action was taken. And we are led to believe that this had nothing to do with his involvement in the Black Lives Matter protests? The timing of which these statements were found indicates a lot. That the Media is checking into what Black celebrities are saying to the masses.

Whenever Black People speak about racial injustice and the injustices of the past by more than one culture, race or religious group, the most popular retaliation is stating that we commit the same offense to others. This I assume is supposed to make us feel that the injustice is even and thus does not have to be corrected? We do not deserve racial justice because we were racist to Jewish people or another culture. We do not deserve protection from Police Brutality because we commit Black on Black crime. This ignorant tit for tat counter-tactic is used to stymie things that we say to bring truth and one day an end to White systematic oppression. Keep speaking, walking, talking and living the truth in your words, deeds and actions. We stand with Nick Canon and all of those who speak the harsh realities of the oppression in America and the World. The truth sets all people free.



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