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New York: A Step Forward

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

People took a Brave and wonderful step! Even though they seemed divided at times. Even after the Looters of the Bronx and Manhattan gave the movement a bad name and brought division to the hearts of the people; the protests against Police Brutality carried on. When the Police herded in and arrested non-violent protesters in the Bronx and Brooklyn on Thursday night, June 4th, we still made our presence felt. We came together as one spirit against a common enemy. We took a step forward in courage.

First, know that in New York City after 11 days of protesting the City-wide curfew that was started by Mayor Bill de Blasio was lifted. We also walk forward into Phase one of re-opening after 2 months of lockdown. The Protests were non-violent but ever vigilant as they marched through the city. I witnessed the group led by bikes up 6th Avenue and turned on to Broadway and then 8th Avenue and came to Columbus Circle. We stood in non-violence but not in fear.

Second, know that these protests have brought scrutiny to the NYC Police department. Mayor de Blasio pledged for the first time to cut the city’s police funding following the 10 previous nights of protesting. Our New York voices were heard. It is an honor to witness a part of history and to see how many people stood united for a change in our city and world for the better.

We protest against Police Brutality. We honor the memory of George Floyd. And although we have taken a step we still have more steps to take. But we are brave, we are strong, we are New York.



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