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More Positivity Due To The Pandemic, Joel Olsteen is Making His Best to Bring Good Spirits For This

More positivity due to the pandemic, Joel Olsteen is making his best to bring good spirits for this Easter weekend while showcasing social distancing due to the Coronavirus. The renowned pastor and televangelist teamed up with Kanye to bring a virtual Sunday service. Olsteen doesn’t drop too many details of the surprise but Kanye confirmed he will bring his choir along for the ride and would be practicing social distancing. Mariah Carey would also bring light to the situation and sing her famous song ‘Hero’ via webcam. Singing this song will be tributed to medical professionals and first responders that are putting their life on the line everyday battling against COVID-19. Tyler Perry will be spreading inspirational words and delivering encouragement during these dark times. Kanye and Joel plan on linking up for Sunday service at the Yankee stadium in May, hopefully. During this tough time, people are still trying to bring positivity into the world and we couldn’t ask for anything more.



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