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Monkeypox Outbreak Has Been Reported In All 50 States

This new virus MonkeyPox is now in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia. According to the reports of the CDC, Wyoming reported a single case recently this Monday, making it the final state in the country to have a case. There are cases up to 15,000 making New York the highest at almost 3,000.

Following up, New York reports its first pediatric case of the monkeypox virus. New York will soon start processing low-dose monkeypox vaccines to expand access to more people. State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett says data shows using one-fifth of the current dose that is being made is just as effective for at-risk New Yorkers.

California started giving out the reduced doses last week. Officials say it will be a struggle to get the same amount of vaccine supply from the federal government.

The vaccine is currently limited for the people who are at the highest risk due to the outbreak.



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