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Michael Jackson estate donates $300k towards Covid -19 pandemic

Michael Jackson estate pledges to donate $300k to certain areas that have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. The estate announced that they will be donating $100k each towards Broadway Cares, Three Square Food Bank and MusiCares. The virus has hit devastatingly especially around these communities. People that have been traveling broadway have been affected by the virus or just been left out of work and are facing unfortunate futures, this hits home. The whole city of Las Vegas, which has been dear to Michael has been shut down and left thousands of workers and families struggling with no income. This is what Michael would have wanted. His spirit was to help others and love. Donations will also be given to New York for Broadway employees that are out of work due to the virus. Every day that passes along with no income is a struggle for everyone. His estate donations will also provide 300,000 meals to people who are in need in Nevada. Before the virus, 1 in 8 southern Nevadans lived in households where food was a struggle to get but due to the generous donation that Michael Jackson estate has offered and the caring, hard-working people of Nevada will increase meals and will provide for everyone and make sure everyone eats.


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