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Method Man Busy Filming Schedule Won’t Be On Current Wu-Tang Tour

Wu-Tang Clan and Nas linked up and are currently on the NY State of Mind Tour. Fans who are going to see them will shortly realize that Method Man isn’t a part of the action. He put out a video explaining why.

“I f**king love Wu-Tang, wish I could have been on that tour with them,” Meth said. “The booking came at a bad time – I was already booked to do a movie. Only reason why I’m coming back saying this is because of my love for my fans, okay. The real fans. Not the ones that’d jump in your DMs and curse you the f*ck out all call you all kinds of b**ches.”

He added from the video, “To be dissatisfied or to even blame me for your experience is unfair. Very f**king unfair. My brothers are super duper talented, with or without me. And I know a lot of people, or a few people, have paid their money to see me perform, but that bill said Wu-Tang Clan.”

Here’s a look at the rest of his explanation,

Last week they were on tour in St. Louis, Nas and Wu-Tang brought out a special guest, Busta Rhymes. The show started with a carefully put-together video that tracked the history of Hip-Hop from its inception on August 11, 1973, in Bronx, NY. It showed where it started and how it influenced every other borough in NY. The video highlighted the city's Hip-Hop icons who forever changed the rap scene and the culture.

Wu-Tang Clan showed out and gave a great performance, singing songs that are fan favorites such as, “Bring Da Ruckus,” “Da Mystery of Chessboxin,” “C.R.E.A.M.,” and others. “New York State of Mind,” “It’s Mine,” “If I Ruled the World,” and other songs by Nas were played on stage. Busta Rhymes also made an appearance and showed out by singing some of his hit songs like, “Scenario,” “Look at Me Now,” and “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See,” while bringing out a champagne bottle during his performance to celebrate the amazing tour.

The 25 -city tour, which is being organized by Live Nation, has already been performed recently at the Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana. Thereafter, they will visit more cities across North America including Atlanta, Toronto, Austin, Phoenix, and more, before coming to an end at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California, on October 4th.

Hip-Hop turns 50 this year round and it’s now or never for this tour to continue with these great Hip- Hop moguls.



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