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Master P Donating Hand Sanitizer and Cleaning Services For The Elderly In His Hometown

Knowingly, due to the Coronavirus, everyone is trying to help and provide to people in need the best way they can due to this pandemic. The mogul Master P is one of many people trying to make light out of this situation that the world is in. He is donating hand sanitizers to senior citizens in New Orleans. He’s also offering cleaning services for the elderly for free so they can feel safe and all they have to do is sign up. As the news says, elderly people are more at risk of catching this virus and anything to help them will be greatly appreciated especially in NOLA. Apparently, NOLA has been hit hard due to the outbreak. Master P foundation, team Hope NOLA, has been making cash donations and helping assist the elderly with their groceries. It is very kind that everyone is helping due to a time like this and this hip hop veteran is leading that example and putting positivity out for his city.



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