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LÜM Announces Launch of $25,000 Independent Artist Competition: Coast to Coast

With support from Dax, Calboy, Justina Valentine and DreamDoll, LÜM announces Coast to Coast - a competition to determine the nation’s top music cities and hottest independent artists

MADISON, WI – May 10, 2021 – Today, LÜM, the social music community and artist discovery app with over 150,000 independent artists has announced the launch of one of the largest online music competitions of 2021: Coast to Coast. Alongside title sponsor, Soundcore, Coast to Coast is a bracket-style elimination competition that will feature four regions, 32 cities and 160 artists, competing to determine which local music scene has the hottest independent artists. Only one city will take home the $25,000 grand prize and the bragging rights of being the hub for the best emerging music. LÜM has also announced that Coast to Coast will be championed by four of the music industry’s rising stars: Dax, Calboy, Justina Valentine and DreamDoll. Each of these artists will captain one of the four regions and help promote the cities located within their regions. The competition will feature up to $50,000 in prizes, with the artists from the winning city claiming the $25,000 grand prize after the final round of voting. Starting today, May 10th, and continuing until May 24th, independent artists from across the U.S. can apply to participate in the competition and represent their city. Following the two-week application period, five artists from each city will be selected and placed into the official Coast to Coast bracket, where each city will compete head-to-head. Throughout June, there will be multiple rounds of voting to determine which cities will advance until one champion is crowned. “LÜM has always been dedicated to shining a light on all of the amazingly talented independent artists that are underserved and underrecognized in the music industry,” said Max Fergus, LÜM’s CEO. “The LÜM platform is about providing opportunities for independent artists to grow and monetize their careers. Coast to Coast represents all of the things we stand for and also helps put more creators into the commercial spotlight.”

In support of the independent artists competing in the Coast to Coast competition, Soundcore and LÜM have partnered to create co-branded Liberty Pro 2 Headphones. Throughout the competition, fans that vote will have the opportunity to further support the artists and cities they vote for by purchasing the LÜM Liberty Pro 2’s. The proceeds from each purchase will go back to the independent artists on LÜM. “Soundcore is dedicated to giving back to the creative community that LÜM serves. We recognize that during the pandemic it has been tough for artists and especially independent artists to make money and promote their art,” said Lawrence Smyth Head of Brand Partnerships and Advocacy for Anker Innovation LTD. “We are excited to do our part and play a small role in giving back to the independent artists out there that are making the music we all love to enjoy.” | 760.681.6651 To learn more about Coast to Coast or if you are an independent artist interested in applying to enter, CLICK HERE. MORE ABOUT LÜM: With the introduction of the Note and its virtual gifting system, LÜM became the first U.S.-based streaming service to allow direct-to-artist financial support. LÜM’s virtual gifting service is available without a minimum threshold of followers, streams or video views, which makes it accessible to all emerging artists. In contrast, other social platforms have high monetization thresholds that are based on opaque engagement metrics, which makes this revenue channel unavailable to many independent artists. Overall, the mission of LÜM is to allow artists to monetize their skill sets and fans throughout their entire careers, whether they are just getting started or on the verge of stardom. LÜM is a platform built for musicians and is the best platform for all independent artists to connect, collaborate, grow, and make money. Website LÜM Android Platform LÜM iOS Platform MORE ABOUT SOUNDCORE: There are secrets in the audio industry...Listeners are told that incredible sound quality is only available from a few special places. Perhaps from a brand with decades of audio heritage or maybe from a speaker that costs more than most people can afford. At Soundcore, we break this illusion. We use innovation, experience, and pioneering listener analysis to create products that revolutionize expectations for audio quality. Our 'Play' buttons don't just start incredible music, they also reveal the truth: Breathtaking sound that moves, touches, and thrills is no longer an exclusive privilege. MORE ABOUT DAX:

Dax started as an overnight janitor and a starter on his college basketball team, but he made his way into the music industry by creating his own lane of topic driven music that generated conversation. He knew that starting in Wichita, Kansas would force him to find a creative way to get people to listen. A poetry lover, Dax uses his craft to elicit emotion. Once he caught traction with his viral cover music videos, he transitioned into releasing his own original music with songs like "I Want" and "Self Proclaimed" that have amassed millions of views on YouTube. Upon graduating in December of 2017, Dax relocated to Los Angeles to further his career as a recording artist and since then he's been on an upward trajectory. MORE ABOUT JUSTINA VALENTINE:

Justina Valentine, MTV’s quick witted fan favorite from Nick Cannon's Wild N Out is a clever lyricist that has a distinctive voice and knack for irresistible hooks. A social media influencer with millions of followers (recently crowned the 2nd most liked female rapper on TikTok), bright red locks, and an infectious personality, Justina Valentine is an entertainer who sings, rap, writes, acts, hosts and is widely known for her freestyling ability. Also passionate about helping animals, Valentine was just nominated for a PETA Hero Award in honor of her 2020 campaign. MORE ABOUT CALBOY:

Calvin “Calboy” Woods is not your average artist. With a knack for melody and block-oriented bars, Calboy is one of the most promising young artists from Chicago. Calboy began making serious noise in the Windy City after he released his song “Envy Me” in 2018. Fueled by ominous piano and some semi- strained singing, the track, which is currently four-times platinum certified, put Calboy on the road to stardom, a path he hasn’t veered from since. Calboy has continued building his momentum since first breaking out in 2018. In May of 2019, he unloaded his debut project, “Wildboy”, via Polo Grounds Music/RCA Records. The project has since been certified gold. Calboy is attacking 2021 harder than ever, his lead single for the year titled, ‘Miseducation’ feat. Lil Wayne, dropped in March of 2021. The track pays tribute to Lauryn Hills now diamond album. MORE ABOUT DREAMDOLL:

DreamDoll is a hip-hop recording artist, and television/radio personality from the Bronx, New York. DreamDoll organically grew her music following on Instagram, which afforded her the opportunity to be featured on prominent TV shows. She’s partnered with brands such as Fashion Nova and Savage Fenty, and she’s worked with artists such as Lil Kim, G-Eazy, and many more.



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