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LeBron James Family Foundation is Working on Creating A New Medical Facility in Akron, OH

When LeBron James promoted the phrase, “Strive for Greatness” he meant every word of it, on and off the court. If you know anything about basketball and love the sport, then you know what this four-time NBA champion has done and accomplished.

His latest act of generosity, LeBron James Family Foundation has announced the new build of their new health facility in Akron. The I Promise HealthQuarters facility will offer medical, dental, mental health, and optometry services. The facility will have a lab and pharmacy included.

The facility will be for all of Ohio, it’s just located where James’s hometown is. It isn’t set to open yet until 2023, and although the facility is named after the school ( I Promise), the services that will be provided are not only just for students.

LeBron posted his excitement on Twitter, this is what he had to say,

“It takes a village to help raise a kid and make a true difference! Love my kids and their families! 🙏🏾✊🏾🤎👑. @LJFamFoundation”

The foundation partnered with AxessPointe Community Health partners to help them. It’s been said that this project has been long going on for months.

“The greatest wealth for a community is good health,” said Mark Frisone, executive director of AxessPointe. “The LeBron James Family Foundation understands this for the community.”

With many other I Promise foundations he has, making it easier for families and people, in general, to get what they need, he keeps his promises. The first-ever active billionaire NBA player already doing his due diligence. We see why he’s the goat in a lot of people's eyes.



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