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Leader of U.L.A Entertainment - Wizo Cracc

An imposing artist from the Bronx New York standing 6'3" 250 lbs., Wizo Cracc is hard to miss and hard not listen to once his music grabs your ear, A creator of a brand of music that is loved by students and fans of Hip Hop. Aggressive, genuine, realistic and demonstrative are many of the attributes associated with his content, not to mention a distinct flow. Witty at times, Wizo drafts lyricism that is relatable to his core, and intriguing to others. His introduction to the business, came on the heels of his Heavy Street Buzz a street smash featured on his debut project, T.O.R.N ((Thoughts Of a Real Ni**a).

From a street team to a label he has built his U.L.A. brand to the formidable entity it is today. Collaborations over the past couple of years with Nino Man and Union added to his association with Hip Hop veteran Big Dubez of Sporty Thieves led him to deliver the follow-up T.O.R.N 2: Still Thinking Real Thoughts which featured Philly legend Gillie Da Kid. Before long Wizo would be on the road opening up for Gillie, building momentum for his popular single, One Night Stand.

“The focus for me at this point in my career is the expansion of my brand and heightened visibility; I have real goals and with that, I am planning for more than a local buzz. I am what the fans of authentic Hip-Hop have been missing. I'm the breath of fresh air they've been waiting for.”

His introduction to the business, came on the heels of his Heavy Street Buzz



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