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Lavish Life Magazine Summer Issue -Earn Dinero

Earn Dinero is a Bronx based lyricist creating and contributing in the Hip Hop genre of entertainment industry. The acronym, that which stands for (Every day, All day, Real, Nigga) describes the foundation of his existence, the man and the MC. A go getter, authentic in his ways has been composing rhymes since his junior year in high school.

In a years’ time, Earn Dinero would become one of the more talked about MCs in the Bronx, killing cypher after cypher before jumping in the recording booth in 2003 with talented producers such as Viktory, and LS while a student at Morgan State University. A decade later he would release his 652 The Mixtape and Arizona Ron’s Harlem to the Hampton’s compilations before debuting his 2012 Take Off solo effort. His follow up The Road to Success would appear in 2013 and the rest has been the development of a healthy resume for the North Bronx representative.

When asked about his ultimate goal, Earn Dinero had this:

“My name is Earn Dinero, so it is only right that is my goal.

Truthfully I just want be respect globally for my craft. One day I will be considered a great. Through hard work and dedication!! “

Aside from music, Earn Dinero’s legacy will be that of a man who is a model for the youth for what redemption really means.

“I grew up in the North side of the Bronx. As a youth and young adult I ran the streets. Been arrested multiple times even been shot by a shotgun from twenty feet out. I want to motivate the motivators and give hope to those who have none...”

“I remember when I used to take the train from the North Bronx to Flatbush just to record. My hunger is uncanny. If I sense an opportunity I am on it.”

With that same ambition and hunger, Earn Dinero continued his goals in music as one of the bright spots in today’s NYC independent landscape.



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