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Kim and Kanye West Has Finalized Their Divorce, Ye is Set To Pay $200k In Monthly Child Support

Kim and Ye have reached the last step and parted ways as they finalized their divorce. According to TMZ, all property and child custody issues were settled.

They both will have joint custody with equal access. Kim is expected to be the primary home for the kids, with Kanye acknowledging them being with their mother 80% of the time.

In addition, Ye will have to pay Kim $200,000 a month in child support. One part is 50% of education expenses and the other 50% of security expenses. The amount is to be wired into her account at the top of every month.

In raising their children, if there is a problem or dispute, Ye and Kim have agreed to mediation. If one fails to not show, the other gets to make the decision by default.

Kim and Ye waived spousal support, and the property will be aligned with the prenup.

This concludes the journey of the divorce that began in February 2021 after Kim filed.



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