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Kanye West’s run for 2020 president is over

Just as fast as it happened, West’s presidential race is now over.

Someone close to Ye stated that the run is over due to the attempt to try to get on the ballot in Florida. Kanye tried to oppose Joe Biden and Donald Trump by being the third party candidate, The Intelligencer reports. In order for Ye to even be placed on the ballot, he would have needed roughly about 132,781 voters to sign the petition in less than a week. The source that reported the information stated also that they were offered money, about $5,000 for the week for collecting those signatures that they needed. Just a week ago, Kanye West opened up on his platform in an interview with Forbes stating that he is against planned parenthood and the vaccines that they are making for the CoronaVirus. During the interview, he also talked about how he wanted to turn America into the fictional Marvel city of Wakanda.

TMZ reported last week that Ye’s family was concerned about his mental health and expressed that he could be in a manic episode.



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