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JW Lucas. Doing what he sees our people do to us!

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Los Vegas, NV - We know the story of JW Lucas. A music Producer who thought he could take the issues plaguing Black People and emerge a Leader. He catapulted himself by spreading false information about the events surrounding the Death Breonna Taylor.

On July 30th he posted false and suggestive information about the circumstances surrounding Breonna Taylor's murder by Twitter. He was counter attacked by members of the Black Media including Rissa Islam of the Nation of Islam, Tariq Nasheed, Movie Producer and part of the Black Media and even main stream media such as the Breakfast Show hosted by Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Vee. All calling in unison for an apology for such a shameful attempt to garner attention.

It was an attempt that is commonly done to manipulate the masses. Thankful the media responded and did let this false prophet or his narrative gain ground. JW Lucas when he goes online looks distanced and addled. His mental state is obviously deteriorating. But many other people and factions spread false narratives. And not all use twitter or even words. Pictures of the Israelies were spread where they marched in unison after the Death of George Floyd with video. However when you look at the video they are in front of a commercial establishment and there is no other activity even when we knew there were protests and police response everyday during the peak of the protesting. A picture was sent to me of a woman with an afro hairstyle and AK-47 machine gun that was entitled: The Black Panthers are on the scene. These tactics brainwash those who are lost and believe every tweet, every post and does not cross check the Media when they throw intellectual gossip and lies. Now that we as a whole pointed out false information from the enemy without let us as a people focus on the enemies within. I ask that we call out any leader who manipulates us into serving them and not serving ourselves and our fellow man.



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