On April 27th, 1982, in Harlem, NY Cheryl Marchman received a blessing from God. Like all mothers would say, the birth of your first child is your greatest joy.

She didn’t know at the time, her son would be her one and only child. She couldn’t imagine her son would take on a messiah persona, and be the TRUTH to so many. In birth and life, this King would live to be a profound leader, a trendsetter, a prolific culture initiator. DeVon Hyman was a true treasure.

There has been a sense of misunderstanding, disbelief, uncertainty, and even a test of faith and trust in our belief systems due to his recent passing. He was known and loved by so many, stretching from the East and West coasts of this country. He curved his way into the underground hip hop industry, creating his path while paying homage to those that put trust and faith in his innate talent and innovative abilities. He's worked with artist and media outlets spanning across various continents. It would be menacing to solely label him as a blogger or writer. This man has held many titles, from host to journalist, producer, editor, screenwriter, photographer, and much more.

Over the past 10 years, he has contributed to the continuity and growth of underground hip hop. His evolution in the industry was sparked by the high demand for his unique creativity and personable charisma. He has morphed into various aliases: Basquiat, The Plug, and Jason Bourne (JB), which speaks to his adaptability to create lanes for his growth and his stamp on this ever-changing field.


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