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Jacob Blake. Justice for him.

Kenosha, WI - The world is looking with sad and angry eyes as we see another Black Man shot and injured by the Police.

Jacob Blake is a 29-year old Black man and Father of three. On August 23rd, 2020 he intervened between a domestic situation between two women. When the Police arrived on the scene it is stated by witnesses that there was an altercation between Police and Blake. Witnesses state that Blake was even shot with a taser. However the videos show a little bit of the scuffle and wrestling with the Police and the horrifying finale when an officer follows behind Blake and shoots him seven times in the back.

Jacob Blake was told to stop. However he walked away, he did not run. He made his way to the driver's side of the SUV where he was shot as the officer followed behind him. Blake's children were inside the car at the time he was attacked.

My first issue is the report that Blake had a knife. You do not see a knife in the video that is generating over a million views on the internet. My second issue is that with children in the car why were the Police so careless? Of course I have to ask why an unarmed man was shot 7 times? He was facing away from the shooter. Without a weapon (or with according to the alleged report). Two bullets should have been enough to put the alleged escaping assailant down. But my last and most important question; Why were you close enough to grab his shirt but stepped back to shoot him multiple times. If the fighting was occurring and the Police arrived on the scene. Shouldn't the guns have been drawn at the very beginning instead of fighting with Blake? Since you did not draw your weapon when you came on the scene then why was your gun drawn after he was walking away from you? Why were the two officers so far away? In my opinion they pulled out their guns improperly. If they were going to use firearm force and threat of death it should have been done at the very beginning and in front of Blake so he could see how dire his situation had become.

The Most High and the Universe smile upon him. He is alive. We wish him justice and his Family Peace! Justice for Jacob Blake and Justice for all of those who have suffered at the hands of unwarranted Police Brutality.



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