Is There Going To Be a‘Bad Boys’ 4?

Bad boys for life just came out in theaters and people are already speculating a sequel. As the movie just aired nationwide in theaters Jan. 17 a Hollywood reporter published a report stating that the fourth film is already developing. If the fourth Bad boys come out there won’t a long wait as everyone waited for Bad boys for life to come. Bad boys for life has already ranked $23.5 million when it was released in selected theaters Jan. 16 and it’s going to make more throughout MLK weekend up to $68 million to be exact. This movie is going to make more than Bad Boys 2 which made $46.5 million and the first film which totaled $65.8 million. A good year to start for Will Smith and Martin Lawrence and a good year for us to see the classic comedy Bad Boy duo back together like the old days. image over





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