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House Senate to Decriminalize Marijuana. A play on Reparations.

Washington D.C. - "The House passed sweeping legislation that would decriminalize marijuana and expunge nonviolent marijuana-related convictions." This motion led by the Democrats is a step in correcting damage done by drug polices and the effects on communities of color.

The Bill passed removes Marijuana from the Controlled Substances act. A five percent (5%) tax will be issued on Marijuana and that tax will go into communities that were hurt by the drug policies of Marijuana over the years. The 228-164 vote was bipartisan, and it was the first time either party ever endorsed the legalization of cannabis.

The Republican led Senate will be opposed to this Bill and will label it a diversion from the Corona Virus relief Bill. The talks on that Bill have been unresolved for so long.

Advocates of Marijuana legalization felt a major victory and shift in their favor for a whole country, not just the current 35 states that Marijuana is legal for use in. Inside this Bill is a framework that will that will begin to correct various unfair criminal policies within the legal system that targets poor and minority communities. The Bill is proposed to ". . . counter the racial disparities . . ." caused by the arrests and criminal charges on the Black communities.

I will be blunt. No pun intended. First I have never used marijuana for either medicinal or recreational use. I have never used it legally or illegally. I push the disclaimer to say this: Drugs were put into our communities to break us down and quell our discontentment. The removal of cannabis from the dangerous substance list has a few ulterior motives. First Marijuana was becoming a legal business and a new extension of Business investment on the Stock Market and Big Pharma. The pandemic and being worried about income prevented a lot of people of making large investments in Cannabis stocks. The wealth and profit that can be made from Cannabis is one reason why it was legalized. The Government, has seen our anger after the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and the calling for reparations. Our Government does not want to pay Black people who are descended of American slaves. So every attempt is made to give us a right that was taken away. To levy a justice to us that was taken away and change what it signifies. Releasing people who were incarcerated due to Marijuana charges is just! It is not a form of reparations. Giving the taxes off of the selling and distribution of legalized marijuana is not reparations but a just and fair action of a Government that has unjustly jailed and unjustly appropriated funds to communities that needed it. This is being approved for white wealth and global economics. Do not allow this to pass for reparations.



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