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Hawk Newsome

Bronx, NY - I met a Leader in the Black Lives Matter of Greater New York Chapter by the name of Hawk Newsome. On June 6th he was being interviewed by at the corner of 161 Street and Walton Avenue in the Bronx, NY. He staged this interview in from of a Drawing of Malcolm X that he drew himself over a convenience store gate.

Hawk Newsome is a Strong, broad and tall Black man easily six foot and 4 inches tall (6’4). The same very streets and neighborhood where Hawk is answering questions to “Vice” news is where he grew up. His sister is Chisome Newsome, who ran for Congresswoman of the Bronx this year.

Although I did not see him at the June 2nd Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest or the Protests where the Police of the Bronx and Brooklyn struck back on June 4th he did go out on June 7th and gave a rousing and powerful speech along with members of his chapter. It is worth noting that his unwavering message has separated him the other chapters of BLM.

As per his interviews Hawk is a self-proclaimed “radical”. He has also stated that Jesus was is the greatest Radical that ever lived. And he states and stands behind strong convictions of the empowerment of Black people, being able to stand up and stand against oppression and injustice.

I want to know what Hawk Newsome is working on now that the Ballots are in for his sister and congressional nominee, Chisome? I want to know two things that he is doing for the continued fight against “White Systematic Oppression” since the energy is dying down in the Country and on Social Media. I ask these questions at the end of my statement because in the Media many leaders are changing their rhetoric in order to stay in Congress or get into higher office. Many Black Leaders have changed the message from Black lives Matter to All Lives matter. This tactic keeps the White and not Black, People of Color satisfied. I leave it to my people to investigate any and everyone that claims to represent us in Congress or in Protest. Let us watch and see who keeps fighting for our rights and let's turn the magnifying glass upon ourselves and ask what can we do to fight for our own freedom.



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